Gym Leader Challenge - Pack Battles

The gym badges you can win

Can you take on the Elite Four and our Champion ... and win?

For each one of us you beat, you get our gym badge - Physically - You will win each badge. Can you collect all 5?

Structure - Season One

> Elite Four

> Champion

  • Sams Gotta

How does it work?

  • Buy 6 packs
  • Pick one card from each pack as your team (more can be bought of course but 6 vs 6 for the challenge
  • Pick a member of the elite four to take on
  • Call "Heads" or "Tails" x 6 and if you get all 6 right you win the badge!
  • I will post the associated gym badge to you with your order
  • Once the Elite Four are defeated - Take on me (Sam)

    You got this young trainer!