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This is Set A from the Chinese set Infinite Power

The whole Infinite Power Set comprises of these Japanese Sets

    • Infinity Zone
    • Explosive Walker
    • Legendary Heartbeat

    Highlights - Mew, Venasaur, Eevee, Rayquaza AR, Lugia, Butterfree, Celebi AR, Zarude, Eternatus, Drednaw, Gardevoir, Wailord, Alcremie, Indeedee, G. Corsola, Slowbro, Crobat, Grimmsnarl, Greedent

    It's perfect if collecting these types:

    • Grass
    • Water
    • Psychic
    • Dark

    6 cards per pack

    Heres a link to the card artwork available in this set:

    Here's the Link to see Set A and B together: