Fairy Rise SM7B- Any 3 for £15 JPN

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This awesome set is made up of 95 cards and 22 Secret Rares. 

This set has some really cool cute/fairy Pokemon and some awesome tag teams. 

There are 4 rainbow and 3 gold cards to collect within the 13 secret rare cards. 

Each Pack contains 5 cards. Holo's aren't guaranteed in every pack which is the reason we offer the 3 for £15 promotion. 

Tik Tok Rip & Ship

All packs bought will be opened on @SamsGottaCatchEmAll Tik Tok in throughout the night. Every Friday from 20:00 GMT We're usually live between 20:00 and 04:00 Sat Morning (It's a long one). 

The cards will be packaged over the weekend and typically posted 1st class signed for Monday / Tuesday the following week. 

As a thank you for purchasing the cards I make a custom card for everyone who takes part, amongst other special items and currently this is the only way to get my art work. So Enjoy! 

Thank you!

Full Card List - See images or click below