Thunderclap Spark SM7A - 3 for £14 JPN

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This set was released in Japan in 2018 and has been a popular choice since the start.

The set is known for it's Zeraora, Genesect, Ditto Prism, Magcargo and Virizion, all of which are SR.

The set is 60 cards large with 13 SR cards to complete the set.

4 SR GX cards, 2 Full art trainers, 4 Rainbow rares and 3 Gold Cards.

Each Pack contains 5 cards. Holo's aren't guaranteed in every pack which is the reason we offer the 3 for £14 promotion. 

Tik Tok Rip & Ship

All packs bought will be opened on @SamsGottaCatchEmAll Tik Tok in throughout the night. Every Friday from 20:00 GMT We're usually live between 20:00 and 04:00 Sat Morning (It's a long one). 

The cards will be packaged over the weekend and typically posted 1st class signed for Monday / Tuesday the following week. 

As a thank you for purchasing the cards I make a custom card for everyone who takes part, amongst other special items, and currently, this is the only way to get my artwork. So Enjoy! 

Thank you!

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