Mads - "Trustworthy, passionate, honest!"

Posted by Sam Wren on

"Sam is absolutely amazing, his lives are always fun and welcoming, he is charismatic, positive and always produces such energetic energy into his work! I always feel happier coming out of his lives whether I have purchased or not. The website is super functional, very user friendly and has great deals! (Such as if you pay for shipping more than one you get an additional pack!).

Furthermore, when Sam rips your order on the live he is as passionate and excited as you are! And is very knowledgable about the cards, sleeves them and treats them with respect!

Once your order arrives in the post, it is packaged with extreme care! In cellophane baggies which are attached to ridgid cardboard either side, taped and a sweet message is written atop them! (Which is always a nice touch!) this protected block is then put into a padded envelope and arrives promptly!

Did I forget to mention, EVERY order you make with Sam comes with one of his one of a kind art works! These are custom cards, and can be seen being made on Tuesday’s on his channel!!

Sam is 100% trustworthy, honest and passionate in regards to orders and his work!

Thank you so much Sam! Can’t wait to order again and again! - Mads 🥰"

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