The SG Podcast - The Climb

The Sams Gotta (SG) Podcast is all about you. Come relive your childhood with us, and find exciting content creators sharing their journeys.

This show is all about speaking to some of the best minds in the collectables industry. We're focusing on the climb, how they got here, where they're going and inspiring 100's through their stories.

Whether you've been collecting since the 90's, on and off or new to it, we're asking questions about why you enjoy collecting.

We will talk all things Pokemon/Sports and collectables, with content creators who live and breathe this life.

Each episode we have live questions from the audience, and if you wish to tune in live then jump into our discord for the Zoom links.

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Episode 11

Episode 10


Episode 9


Episode 8


Episode 7


Episode 6

E6: Poke_Rich_14: Pokemon Fund Raising, Mastering sets since 1999 and we take a look at the Pokemon Market in 2022

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Episode 5

E5: Mounty: Just get started, How the first step can be all you need, and how Pokemon has helped with his depression.

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Episode 4

E4: Walt @Bits (NOW VOGGT): Collectables in the digital age, Adult money and a "Spring Onion Duck"?!

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Episode 3

E3: BTK5003: Pokemon, Tiktok and 90s Nostalgia

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Episode 2

E2: Shining Entei: Pokemon Shiny hunting & Twitch Streaming

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Episode 1

E1: Yo_Barry_Yo: Painting Pokemon Cards with anything but a brush

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