Sams Gotta: Create

Hey up,


As you know I'm the guy on Tik Tok who upcycles Energy cards and makes them into awesome creations like this:


I set out to make all 151 Generation 1 Pokemon in December 2020 and after just a few videos on TikTok, you guys made it blow up!
In the 1st weekend I had over 175 people requesting cards in exchange for their unwanted energy cards! Although I now have more than enough energy cards to last a life time, I want to give something back.

How to get my art work for your self

I wanted to combine my passion for Japanese Pokemon cards and my fun art style, so decided in March to start a weekly Rip and Ship.
I sell exclusively Japanese Pokemon cards and open the packs live on Instagram/TikTok. 
I currently go live at 20:00 GMT and am usually seen opening packs until 04:00 (so if you miss the 8pm start don't worry there's always time to get involved.

Apart from trying to sell you some sick cards, why do I mention this?
Because currently that is the only way you can get my custom cards. I don't want to sell them on Etsy or individually. I want the people who support my stream to get the cards. 
So as of today anyone taking part in my Rip & Ships (Spend £10) you will get a custom card made by me. 
You will have opportunities throughout the month to get more and more and some lucky viewers will get holo custom cards like the one above.
To take a look at my Social media channels click the two banners below and drop some comments to tell me what cards you collect.