Supporting Mind Mental Health Charity

Donated so far in 2022 - £765

Donated in 2021 - £244



As you know i've been running my businesses in the past that focused around mental health. (Fitness camps 2012-2019 and B Brave Clothing 2019-2021)

I have always supported "Mind mental health charity" whether that be running community events for them and their sister charities "Rethink Mental Health" and "Time to Change".

With B Brave we donated a % of all sales to mind each month and I wanted to take that momentum into the last 3 months of 2021 with Sams Gotta, raising £244.

In 2022 we have far surpassed that figure and will continue to run events long in to the future.

Why mental health?

For me I believe in a world where we can talk about mental health, and open conversations around it. Breaking the stigma surrounding it, so that the next generation no longer suffer in silence, like many of us did.

How many of you have struggled or know someone who has struggled with their mental health?

How many of you would like to do more and make a change to someone elses life?

Maybe you don't know where to start, or you just want to do more?

I was heavily bullied growing up and often my only way out of that was to focus on my hobbies. I am so grateful to have grown up with parents and grandparents always around who did not believe in complaining about anything. To the point that if anything went wrong or not as planned, they would either have something to turn to or could navigate their way around it.

For me this helped me throughout my whole life and still does to this day. I've always been able to talk my way around things or work to the other persons best interest, whilst working my way out of being punched or beaten up. Obviously I had to drop a few bullies a few jabs on the journey. Later in life I'm proud of the way I was brought up in this way, because although not delusional about what you can effect and not, I am now on a better path knowing that I can help other people to get through things.

For me, if someone has gotten through something, then that lays the seed of hope that you too could get through it. My sister had a really tough time with her mental health and I have seen 1st hand what a horrible place your own head can be. I have also seem what hope and time can do when applied relentlessly with the correct help. I believe we can help many people if we come together, and If I donate money off the back of something you're buying anyway then we all win

What's the plan Sam

So we have 12 weeks to Christmas and I would like to work with you guys to raise as much money for Mind as we can then on XMAS DAY in the name of Sams Gotta Community I will donate every penny we have raised from now to then!

How we will raise money together:  

  • I will donate a portion of all takings from the 1st October through to the 25th December to Mind.
  • We will host a charity auction, with items donated from the community (Holding this over black Friday weekend, end November).
  • All TikToks and live gifts I receive I will use to buy a premium box that we can sell so you guys get something sick, and the charity get all the proceeds.
  • We will be running a weekly art contest - Go check it out and enter now.

Basically, i need you all to get involved where you feel you can and on xmas day we will sit on here and drop the £££'s

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated We know there are themes in which many of us have struggled with from addiction to OCD and so many things between, but this community is here to raise awareness and to help each other when we most need it.

Much Love - Sam