Toby - "A perfect experience"

Posted by Sam Wren on

"Samsgotta is the only place I go for Pokémon cards now. Since I very first found his stream. I instantly fell in love with the community he has built. Everyone is so nice and Sam creates an amazing united atmosphere where everyone supports each other.

As for the actual packs themselves. Since I discovered this I’ve only brought Japanese Pokémon cards. Since I find the quality of the cards and artworks so much better. Sam also always makes sure he has a great selection so that there is a perfect pack for anyone every single week ! Whether you love fairy types of dark types sam has it all and you can view the card sets via his website to make sure you’re getting the right thing. It’s amazing.

Lastly it can be scary ordering things like Pokémon cards offline. However Sam puts any holo card in a sleeve and anything rarer than that in a top loader as well as a sleeve. He then packages everything perfectly to make sure it arrives safely and in perfect condition. The packaging is practically Nuke proof. It is also packaged in a way that goes through the letter box in case you’re not at home when the delivery arrives. Sam is also very good at chasing delivery companies up if there are any issues and he makes sure the problem is solved immediately. The customer service really is great.

In summary my favourite part about SamsGotta is Sam himself. He is the nicest guy and makes Pokémon cards more fun than ever. In my opinion this is the best place to buy Pokémon cards. And you can’t go wrong with one of Sams amazing custom cards which come free with every order"

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