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I will be making packs with a mixture of English, Japanese and Chinese cards in them.

My famous Sam-Packs are back again and maaaaan they pack some heat

The common, uncommon and rare non holos are from a mixture of sets from 1997 to 2022.

1 in 4 packs has a reverse holo and holo card ... a whopping 3/4 packs now has something better!

That can be Topps cards, UNO cards, Old Maid Cards, V's, GX/Tag teams, Celebrations, Detective Pikachu, VMAX's, Secret Rares, Old school cards 1997-2010, Matrix/ oil drops and even stickers too! I can not wait to be able to offer you guys some mega fun packs.

Most packs also include a mix of Chinese, Japanese, English and Korean cards in too.

The packs also have the chance of pulling the Celebrations English, Chinese and Japanese for the same card which is my way of showing off the differences between the 3 regions of cards.

 So much to search for! Happy hunting